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Membership Information and Application

Membership is $90.00 per year, $25.00 to our local council, and $65.00 to the national organization. This includes a subscription to Seapower magazine, published monthly.    Different payment options are listed below, and include a small additional percentage to cover credit card fees if that option is used ($3 total).  Please click on the appropriate option and you will be directed to a secure web page for payment.

Our membership committee will ensure that the monies are split and routed properly, where appropriate.  If you are paying as a new member, you will receive a national membership card and also start receiving Seapower magazine shortly thereafter.   Thanks for your support!

If you are not currently a Navy League Member, or if you are a member and wish not to pay by credit card to avoid $3 added charge, please click here for mail-in update/application.


If you are a current Navy League Member, please provide Navy League National ID, if known, then click below to pay appropriate dues.